Content of the Artworks:

All Day(s) All Night(s)
PAK Sheung Chuen’s Solo Exhibition
Vitamin Creative Space

Two Identical Circles - One for the Left Eye, One for the Right Eye
New York, 2007-8-14, Charcoal Drawing

This is reminiscent of a poem by the Chinese poet Gu Cheng: Darkness of the night gave me black eyes / I used it to search for light

We Are Looking at the Other Side of the Sun
Italy (Turin), 2008-10-23
Using One Eye to Look at Half of You
On Site, Art for Two

“I” can only see half of “you” --- In order to complete this work, two people must stand on the white dots placed on either side of the column and look at one another.

The Eternal Triangle
Italy (Turin, River Po), 2008-10-25, Performance (Video Documentation 8:00)

Coincidentally, the gradient of the road and the river together form a perfect right triangle. I draw a bucket of water from the bottom corner of the triangle and carry it to the vertex of the triangle. At this point, I pour the water into the river. During the act of pouring all the water into the river, the water forms a line that is perpendicular to the river and its length is equal to the side of the triangle.

I am merely a small pixel in the film (with a red arrow that indicates my position from time to time). One must concentrate and is best standing behind the white line in order to perceive my in the film.

About 172cm
Hong Kong, 2006-1-5, Performance
You Never See a Square!
Italy, 2008-10-23, Concept

A square is defined as having all sides equal in length, and its interior angels are all at 90 degrees. Their shape though does in fact change according to one’s vantage point of the angels. So, in reality, our eyes have never actually "seen" a real square, as it can only appear in our imagination.

Square Light
Guangzhou, 2009-1-8, Installation (The rear of a television set that is connected to a DVD player that plays a pirated DVD of Japanese AV (adult video) on loop)
A Travel Without Visual Experience
Malaysia, 2009-10-7 to 11 (5-day/4-nights tour group), the experience of a trip without sight
Courtesy of Sigg Collection (Version 2)

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Two Moons, Parentheses
Guangzhou, 2009-1-1

“( ” “)”, Parentheses T-shirts
Guangzhou, 2009-1-1, T-shirt design
Moon Size: Times New Roman 930

Parentheses consist of one on the left ( and one on the right ) ; they only become whole as a pair. When two persons wear the Parentheses T-shirts simultaneously, they can contain all the persons or items in between them. Visually, parentheses appear to be two crescent moons. In Chinese, the character for moon is “月”, one positive ) and one negative ( . By that same logic, )) means a friend, because in Chinese the character for friend is “朋”, which visually is a double of the character for moon. So ))) indicates many friends. This is a conceptual framework that I have in my mind since a few years ago.

Using the Light of the Waning Moon to Draw a Full Moon
Norway, 2007-9-5, Photography

I took this photograph with long exposure: I aimed the camera at the new moon, and then rotated the camera in a full circle within 1.3 seconds. The light from the new moon was traced as an orbit in the film. After hundreds of attempts, the new moon finally became a full moon.

Personal Museum Series 5: Measuring the Size of the Sea Storing in a Library
New York (Ottendorfer Branch Public Library), 2008-5-1 to 11, Concept and Performance

(Published in the Hong Kong daily newspaper Ming Pao: 2008-5-18)

Personal Museum Series 2: Norwegian Woods
New York (Public Libraries), 2007-11-24 to present, Concept and Performance

(Published in the Hong Kong daily newspaper Ming Pao: 2008-4-19)

Discussions and Complaints about Personal Museum Series (also known as New York Public Library Project (NYPLP)). A selection of emails, documents and press clippings collected from 2008-4-20 to 2008-9-28

Regarding the Concepts of Painting
Guangzhou, 2008-12-17, Simplified Chinese version of Hong Kong comic Lao Fu Zi

Guangzhou, 2009-1-16 (Night), Conceptual Painting

Memories of New York
New York, 2007-6-30 to 2008-6-25, Graffiti

Guangzhou, 2009-1-17, Chalk Painting

I found the lifelines of four deceased people at Hong Kong's Diamond Hill Cemetery on August 23rd, 2008. Their lifelines are symbolised by the four parallel chalk lines on ground. The first three lines derive from the same family: the son lived within the life of the mother, and the mother lived within the life of the father.

(Eighteen pieces of work and one studio* in total.)

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